Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New John "Piano Red" Williams Recordings Found

Piano Red with Sleepy John Estes

The Late Great Bengt Olsson passed away last month, and with him goes the treasure of stories he collected by roaming and recording the blues in the late 60s south. While the Rolling Stones and their English contemporaries rediscovered the great Muddy Waters, Mississippi Fred MacDowell, Sun House, et al, Olsson traveled from his native land of Sweden to record the obscure artists that would otherwise have been completely forgotten. Birdman purchased all of Bengt's recordings a few years back and recently released those by the great Bishop Perry Tillis. More recently. the folks at Birdman discovered a vast amount of John "Piano Red" Williams tracks as well, an artist who was never on a label and has little-to-no known recordings. With plans of a release this year, Birdman has decided to leak a signature instrumental track, "Red's Boogie." You can buy it by pushing the button below:

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Anonymous Jim O'Neal said...

Hey David -- Good to hear you'll be releasing some Memphis Piano Red and other Bengt Olsson recordings. Just wanted to point out that there are over 30 tracks of Memphis Piano Red released on various LPs and CDs, mostly on Italian and German labels (Albatros, I Dischi Del Sole, L+R, Ornament), plus one of Olsson's recordings on Flyright in England, two tracks on the Mississippi Delta Blues Jam in Memphis set in Memphis (originally on Blue Thumb, now on Arhoolie) and a track each on Adelphi and Memphis Archives.
-- Jim O'Neal

11:23 PM  
Anonymous Kirra said...

This is great info to know.

8:21 AM  

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